What Is It About Loving Someone Which Is Not Same Religion As Us….

Hello friends,

I am back again with another situation. Its just that I love thinking this type of situation because we might know who are the ones having this type of situation. So here goes the question : “What Is It About Loving Someone Which Is Not Same Religion As Us….”

The Bond Of Two Souls Of Different Race

The Bond Of Two Souls Of Different Race

1. Is it wrong to love the person as the situation as above?

2. Will the boy or girl accept the difference of religion understanding?

3. Is it wrong for a non-Muslim love a Muslim person? What if one of them dont really follow the understanding and teaching of Islamic instead just being themselves as how they are?

4. Will the parents accept this situation after a long time rising ur their child?

5. What will the community think about this situation?

6. Lastly, Is it right or wrong?

Guys and girls I really hope you all give me something that make me clarify about this situation

p/s : This situation is not related to anyone which is alive of dead…

Thank you


~ by satwin on September 9, 2008.

4 Responses to “What Is It About Loving Someone Which Is Not Same Religion As Us….”

  1. you see.. loving some1 is not wrong.. loving some1 for the person she or she is, is also not wrong.. but not loving some1 becoz of their religion is wrong.. god created people not religion.. religion is man made.. so as far as i am concerned its not wrong in loving some1 whu is outside your religion. though due to human brainwashing our parents may have difficulty in accepting the fact but when they see the truth, when they see the love.. they will understand. AND the society… trust me no matter wat u du.. the world will never be happy. so du sumthn for yourself that u will be happy. ok put it this way.. u marry sum1 of your own race.. wat r d chances it will work out.. wat r the chances you will find love.. wat r the chances you will be happy.. so i say be with some1 u luv n love u no matter wat ur race, religion, colour or backgroound. so long as you r happy. when it comes to the understanding of the religion.. when you really love sum1 you will automatically make an efort to learn..i hopei made things abit more clear 4 u.. god bless

  2. Thank you ji for your wonderful thought. I really appreciate it and it open my mind more about t…Thanks

  3. I agree with Ji’s comment.. really well said.. Love like i said.. is God’s gift.. It is something universal.. got nothing to do with religion.. If people still wanna think about religion.. think about this.. we always say match made in heaven.. ok.. what about the people who already loved and married someone from another religion and living happily until having great grand children ??? do u think their match was made in USA or Thailand.. Not at all.. it was also made in heavan.. 🙂 God created human.. Human created religion.. to reach God in their own way.. but the motive is same.. GOD..

  4. hmmm interesting topic i must say! well i agree with jattchic comment, well said…. wat i wanted 2 say, jatt chic has already mention it…its up 2 the individual actually. if the individual is able to face the consequences and criticism then it wouldn matter coz wat matters is tht individual happiness nt peoples critism .. people will never stop talkin..like for eg if u are walkin with a malay girl on the street, ppl will rite away assume tht she is ur gf am i rite! it such ppls mentality u cant change, ppl will assume tht she is ur gf rather than mayb u guys r just frens.so in total do wat u feel is rite as long as u knw ya nt doin anythin wrong tht wuldn matter. ignore the public coz ur happiness lies in ur hand not them 🙂

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