Why Do Local Girls Prefer To Be With International Guys?

This topic is not to be a subject where we hate our international friends. I really respect everybody but this is just a topic which is really good for me to discuss with you all :

Well friend, we should ask this questions before we judge our local girls :

1. Why are they doing this when they know the real effect on them?

2. What type of girls usually do this?

Bcoz i cant say all the girls do this since there are many wonderful girls which are stillreligious,respectable, lovely and also friendly.

3. We should not simply blame international guys because its all comes back to our local   girls, why they are doing this?

4. What made this girls to be prefer to international guys compare to local?
If u say about money, then Im proud to say that this girls have no dignity in themselves and also putting their family in shame.

5. How can we help to solve this matter?
Hate and fights are the worse solutions !!!!

Dear girls, no matter who you are we are still Malaysian and you all like friends to each other. So why doing this unwanted behavior and putting urselves down to earth? Its ok to have mix race of lovely couple because our lave fate been made in heavens without knowing our true personality and race. Love have alot of wonderful meaning in it….

Dear guys, let work together and overcome this matter before our juniors in future comes to MMU and create a worse situation than this.

Thank you. Cheesy


~ by satwin on September 16, 2008.

5 Responses to “Why Do Local Girls Prefer To Be With International Guys?”

  1. well its all about material.. international guys.. are financially stable.. willing to spend for the ‘thing’ they want.. to be true.. who will decline a wealthy life ? its all about the money.. and actually its the individual’s choice.. so it means.. our gals.. its their choice.. to choose international guys.. coze.. its always beautiful at the beginning.. and when time comes.. they will be left over here.. and those guys flee 🙂 so.. lets face this fact.. actually theres nothing much that we can do about it.. some gals realize all this.. but some dont.. so.. lets hope that they will have a correct mindset before they mingle with these international guys.. thats all we can do..

  2. interesting write up. but then again this happens all the time and every where. regardless whether it’s here in the uni or out there in the working place.

    sometimes it’s not about money that one would make such a decision but i have to agree on the part of leaving as no one knows what the future holds. thus probably one should be far sighted 🙂

  3. Ok, having had date an international student myself, let me clarify that not all of them are financially stable. In fact my ex had a car, his own appartment and rili good clothes but he was broke at the end of the day and we usually just had dinner dates at HB3 or the cyberia mamak.
    The apeal of international guys are that they are well versed in lots of topics, hence you can hold a philoshopical conversation with them and at the same time do some lawak bodoh with at the side. They respect women and know how to have a great time. However thats just the up side of it.
    I think at the end it falls to the individual and who are we to judge. If someone wants to date someone for their money, doenst mean they are shallow we have no clue what that person is going through. her pasal la (geddit!). As for me, i think its important for a guy to be a conversationist and to know bout current events and to have a point of view and to be mature enough to take mine, local or international or alien i tak kisah asal he understands me.

  4. Well “havingapoint”…u r rite.its all up to the individual which type of partnership he/she wants. Thanks for ur comment.

  5. hahaha… imported quality maa… of course barang baikkkk… neways…. malaysian product also tak kurang hebatnya,,,, cuba dulu… nanti belakang blh bagi comment…


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