Dil To Pagal Hai….Heart Is Getting Crazy

•September 29, 2008 • 2 Comments

As the word “Dil To Pagal Hai” comes to my mind,  it is something which is true happening around me. I can see love birds around me loving and caring each other. No matter what is your age, race or religion, these wonderful love birds are just around us. Dear friends, let us all think :

1. How these relationship started?

2. What made them to be loving to each other?

3. What signs do we get that make us realise that is our life partner?

4. What does it feel to be in love?

The Presence Of Light Dont Really Have Any Meaning Even With Sunlight

The Presence Of Light Dont Really Have Any Meaning Even With Sunlight

As for me, I am really confuse what my heart say to me….

– What if I did the wrong move? I really dont really want to hurt anyone’s feelings but…

– What about my feelings?

– Do I really need to be an optimistic person by let the time decide on who or how it will happen with?

I really trust in arrange marriage which is by letting my the elder people in family which is my parents, grandparents and also all my uncles and aunties to match make me with my soul mate. Many said this ritual is not been applied these days as now parents are fine with their children choosing their love partners. Is it true? I still do believe some of us still practice the traditional match making ritual which been practice by our parents. Here is my thought, most of our parents are got married as arrange marriage and lets think how our parents could love each other and also raise us up till we start working and earn something in our life. By looking at them, I believe this is still a ritual which I am still proud of and really wants this ritual be alive forever.

To all my family members and freinds, what do you think about this?…..

Lousy Berita Harian Reporters….

•September 28, 2008 • 1 Comment

It was Tuesday afternoon around 1pm, I receive a sms from Aisyah regarding Berita Harian reporters are coming to MMU for a photo shoot. As Aisyah said, I be will representing the Punjabi students MMU as Mr Omar has given instructions of multi racial MMU students needed. As i arrive at the venue which is in CCD office, Abdadi came and great by saying Thank you for coming. For me its something nice to be participate in as this is a local newspaper photoshoot. An hour later, the reporters said they dont want any local students but only wants international students who are celebrating Hari Raya. For me was damn screw up because I came so far in hot sun just to say no need. Aisyah and a kakak from CCD kept on saying Sorry for making me come but cancel…Dear Aisyah, this is not your foul but its Berita Harian Reporters Foul !!!!

p/s ; Someone ( U*a) came with make up for the photoshoot but it cancel…hahahaha

A Day At McD For “Break Fasting”

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Break fasting? What is that all about? Well friends, it meant by “Buka Puasa” which been religiously been practice by the Muslim community in around the world. As for me, I also tried this practice with my lovely friends which is Fid, Alvin, Rin (Adik), Azzad and more. It was in the late afternoon, Alvin knock my room door and ask “Want to go McD?” I was ready because I really wanted to eat something which is diferent from my regular meal. So me, Alvin, Fid & Adik hooked up in Alvin’s White Porshe to Alamanda. When we reach there, the queue was superb, it was super long till the entrance. I was like so hungry because the smell of the burger really make me crazy…hahahaha…

Im Loving It !!!

Im Loving It !!!

As we got our meal, we had great time having it because it was really full to eat the meal which we claim from a coupon broucher. After McD, Alvin decided want to go to play some archade game machine which the only ganme he play was 2D football and Fid played a Street Fight game. The best part was i saw Adik’s expression was so bored looking at this two peple playing…Smile always Dik…

Malay Version Of Street Fight

Malay Version Of Street Fight

Adik Feeling Bored !!!

Adik Feeling Bored !!!

2D Football

2D Football

Week Of Stress….

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As of this week, alot of stress been piled up with assignment submission on the same date with presentation…I was really confuse what work should i concetrate 1st…But things went fine as i manage to handle all at the same time…Thanks Waheguru for Your Blessings!!!

Why Do Local Girls Prefer To Be With International Guys?

•September 16, 2008 • 5 Comments

This topic is not to be a subject where we hate our international friends. I really respect everybody but this is just a topic which is really good for me to discuss with you all :

Well friend, we should ask this questions before we judge our local girls :

1. Why are they doing this when they know the real effect on them?

2. What type of girls usually do this?

Bcoz i cant say all the girls do this since there are many wonderful girls which are stillreligious,respectable, lovely and also friendly.

3. We should not simply blame international guys because its all comes back to our local   girls, why they are doing this?

4. What made this girls to be prefer to international guys compare to local?
If u say about money, then Im proud to say that this girls have no dignity in themselves and also putting their family in shame.

5. How can we help to solve this matter?
Hate and fights are the worse solutions !!!!

Dear girls, no matter who you are we are still Malaysian and you all like friends to each other. So why doing this unwanted behavior and putting urselves down to earth? Its ok to have mix race of lovely couple because our lave fate been made in heavens without knowing our true personality and race. Love have alot of wonderful meaning in it….

Dear guys, let work together and overcome this matter before our juniors in future comes to MMU and create a worse situation than this.

Thank you. Cheesy

“Dark” Knight Or “Duck” Knight ???

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Dear friends,

I been thinking this question lately about “Dark” and “Duck”. If we were think about it I realise its the same pronouncation. What do u think? I got this topic from the battle of “Duck Knight” between Alvin and Fid…hehehe…Alvin, its time to change the status of “Dark Knight” to “Duck Knight”

"Duck Knight" starring BatDuck & SuperBunny

compare to :

"Dark Knight" starring Batman

Revolution Of Malaysia : September 16th

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Actually, this date is very important for us as history been made where Sabah and Sarawak have been merged as Malaysia. By this, we have the Peninsular and also the parts of Borneo Island being as Malaysia. And by this date, we have a good collaboration and understanding of all type of religion and race in Malaysia. I believe 16th September 2008 will create a diferent Malaysia identity with different prospect of ruling the goverment. All I hope everything will go fine and smooth as I have many wonderful friends which are different religion and race to ach other…